curryOf the candidates on the slate, The Rt. Rev. Curry is the most senior bishop, having served since his consecration to the episcopate in North Carolina in February 2000. Prior to his election as bishop, Curry served in urban parishes in North Carolina, Ohio, and Maryland. Throughout his parish ministry, he founded ecumenical summer day camps for children, created networks of family day care providers and educational centers, and helped raise millions of dollars for investment in inner-city neighborhoods.

As bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina, Curry has passionately exhorted his flock to be part of a missional and liberating Jesus movement, nurtured by the sacramental presence of Christ but always heading out of the doors of the church in the direction of God’s dream. Curry’s ability to articulate that dream is perhaps his greatest gift to the Church. He is an inspiring and courageous preacher, unafraid to ask people to do the costly and difficult work of discipleship. This became particularly evident in his sermon at the 77th General Convention and in his role as a member of TREC (the Task Force for Reimagining the Episcopal Church). However, Curry has notably exercised his gifts for exhortation outside of the context of church structures, as a forceful voice for better public education in the North Carolina Moral Monday movement.

Inclusion and welcome have served as the guiding principles for Curry’s work. He has led his diocese through the Church’s conversations about same-sex blessings and marriage. Since 2003, Curry has been vocal about his support for the full inclusion of LGBT individuals in the sacramental life of the Church, including the blessing of the unions of same-sex couples living in lifelong, covenanted relationship. He has tried to balance these convictions with his pastoral responsibility to nurture respect the theological diversity of his diocese. While Curry served on TREC, he has not articulated his pastoral inclusivity and mission into a comprehensive vision for a restructured Church.

Posted by The Herald