With the passage of four resolutions from the Committee on Congregational Vitality (A012 Continue Funding of Mission Enterprise Zones; A086 Create a Task Force for Latino-Hispanic Congregational Development and Sustainability; D005 Creating a Capacity to Plant Churches; and D009 Revitalization of Congregations) and another from the Committee on Evangelism and Communications (B009 Conducting an Online Digital Evangelism Test) the House of Deputies has spoken boldly in favor of a vision of church that moves beyond “the way we’ve always done it.” Church planters, missioners of the digital and analog varieties, and evangelists rejoiced as these resolutions passed with little debate or opposition. Where we will find the $13.2 million required to fund these initiatives is another matter, but while we await the funding fate of these resolutions, we acknowledge the slow cultural shift taking place in our Church about mission and evangelism.
Dorota sits down for a conversation with two veteran evangelists and church planters, the Rev. Stephanie Spellers, Senior Consultant for the Center for Progressive Renewal and adjunct faculty member of General Theological Seminary teaching mission and evangelism, and the Rev. Jim Hamilton, church planter at Church on the Square in Baltimore, MD.

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