What a ride these past two weeks have been. This grew from an idea hatched on the back of a bus in Israel, to the coffee shops, hotel rooms, and Salt Palace of the 78th General Convention. The people behind the Herald wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of our readers.

To those who have been appreciative, we needed you more than you can imagine. To those who have been snarky, thank you for the deep belly laughs! To those who were confused, we hope you know that you were not alone. And to those who were delighted, thank you. We were not sure exactly what this project would become. And we never thought we’d have 30,000 visitors at this point, but we’re grateful to each and every person who took the time to read a post, laugh at a cartoon, or share a link within your own network.

Mostly, we’re hopeful that some of the questions raised by the Episcopal Herald translate back to your parishes, your colleague groups, and wherever conversations from General Convention may carry you. We’re deeply grateful to have had a mechanism through which to ask provocative questions, take a hard look at what we’ve done, and imagine the future.

It is our intention to continue the work of the Episcopal Herald. We anticipate publishing quarterly after Convention. We have been uplifted by your engagement and will carry that with us as we dream about how we might continue to be a voice in the church.

With gratitude,

the Herald editorial staff and contributors

Posted by The Herald