Month: June 2018

Your GC Visual Packing Guide

Your General Convention Packing Guide: See you in Austin!

Marketing is not Evangelism: Part I

When I ask people about evangelism, I tend to hear the following: Evangelism is inviting people to church. Evangelism is done through marketing … it might also be done by starting a Facebook page. These answers betray a confusion between the Message and the messenger.

Church Pension Ethics: Part I

In this year’s Blue Book report the House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church has asked whether the investments and business methods of the Church Pension Group [CPG] reflect the values of the Church? This would seem like a simple question. It is not.

I might be wrong.

“I might be wrong” isn’t solely about our own lack or blindspots. It is an acknowledgement of the dignity and integrity of the person with whom we disagree.

Rules of Order: What is a Deputy?

What is a deputy when the House of Deputies is not in session? How should dioceses receive the work of General Convention? And other questions too big for shortcuts…

The Herald Returns

This triennium will see the bulk of both action and change for our Church in this Presiding Bishop’s tenure. This is the actual turning of the ship, not just the charting of the course.

Movement Along the Fault Lines

Into the mess of the current world comes the Jesus Movement – a revival of the faithful called in the name of Jesus to a ministry that is loving, liberating and life-giving.  Into the fray comes the General Convention with one goal in mind: to make the church healthier, stronger, and more ready for the work of God in the world.