Be sure you have read, Dodging the Gemino Curse for commentary.

As of July 4, 2018, these are all the task forces being called for during GC79:

Resolution # Task Force Name
A019 Task Force to Study the Intersection of Evangelism, Church Planting, and Care of Creation
A032 Task Force for Congregational Redevelopment
A056 Task Force on the Theology of Social Justice Advocacy as Christian Justice
A060 Task Force to Study The Episcopal Church’s Pension System
A061 Task Force on the Theology of Money
A070 Task Force for Translations
A087 Task Force to Develop Relationship Pastoral Resources
A102 Task Force on Budget Process
A109 Task Force on Sexual Harassment
A112 Task Force on Diocesan Vitality
B012 Task Force on Communion Across Difference
C005, C036, C044, C053 Task Force to Study Implementation of Canon III.1 (proposed in no less than 3 different resolutions)
C019 Task Force for Church-Wide Paid Family Leave
C034 Task Force on Mental Illness and their Families
C043 Task Force on PHOD Role Clarification
C056 Task Force for Full Inclusion
C060 Task Force on Sexism in The Episcopal Church
D013 Task Force to Eliminate the Provision for Legal Slavery in the US Constitution
D016 Task Force for Women, Truth, and Reconciliation
D020 Task Force on Gender-Based Discrimination, Harassment, and Violence
D023 Task Force on Anti-Sexism
D047 Task Force for Title IV

As of July 4, 2018 these are all the committees and other interim bodies being called for during GC79:

Resolution # Committee/Commission/Working Group Name
A007 Committee to Study Relationship of Episcopal Seminaries with General Convention, One Another, and the Wider Church
A008 Advisory Council on the Stewardship of Creation
A027 Committee on Funding for Clergy Formation
A048 Committee on Safe Church Training Materials
A052 Interim body to accompany the Diocese of Cuba for this triennium
A054 Multicultural ministers of the church to create a small book of prayer
A055 Multicultural ministers of the church to continue creating new pathways and networks of ministry
A136 Standing Commission on Formation and Ministry Development
A143 Interim body to study and consider how TEC can better invest in career development of women and minority clergy
A147 Pilot Board for Episcopal Transitions
A174 Advisory Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations
C047 Working group to study, define, and propose reforms by which civil government at all levels may move closer toward making a reality the principle of one person, one vote
D055 Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations Working Group of the Standing Commission on Structure, Governance, Constitution and Canons (SCSGCC)
D060 Joint Committee of Consultation through covenant with Church in Cuba

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