Month: July 2018

Church Pension Ethics Part II: Pay Parity

One of the big questions being asked at GC 79 is what the Church Pension Fund should do about pension disparity.

Title IV—Handing Over Clergy Discipline to “Provincial” or “Church Wide” Courts?

The Standing Commission is now asking the 79th General Convention to allow it to prepare a proposal to shift clergy discipline entirely from the dioceses to “provincial” or “church wide” courts. Join the conversation.

Insights into Evangelism: Episcopal Veterans Fellowship

Evangelism in the veteran community begins with trust.

Don’t spend it all in one place

This is your handy reference list for resolutions with budget implications by committee.

Shared Witness in a Divided World

The gift of our shared faith and of the Church is that we are called beyond all other loyalties to work together for the Kingdom of God. We agree that today’s political issues matter as we strive for justice and peace, but we pray that we might cling to our ideologies and our power less tightly than we cling to each other.

Your Daily Briefing: Tuesday, July 3

Today is a day to get your credentials, browse the exhibits, and stay out of the sun.