Your Daily Briefing, Wednesday, July 11

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Revision and Renewal in our Life of Prayer

The conversation about our prayer book continues. But a revision and renewal, not of our prayer book alone, but in our life of prayer is taking place.

The Other 1%

How do we prioritize our financial commitments as a legislative body? PB&F does much of this hard work for us, but are we capable as a body of saying ‘no’ so that our ‘yes’ can be more effective?

Language Matters

At this 79th General Convention, we are having a conversation about our common life of prayer without having done the work to prepare the whole church to have this conversation together.

The Herald Podcast with The Ven. Dr. Walter Baer

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe?  Listen in on The Rev. Shannon Preston’s conversation with The Venerable Dr. Walter Baer, Archdeacon of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe.

Your Daily Briefing, Tuesday, July 9

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Revisiting the Purpose of the Purple Scarf: Women and the Episcopate

In 2015, The Episcopal Herald published a piece on women in the episcopate and sexism in the church. Considering the momentum around #metoo and the incredible work being done in around this issue in all facets of the Church, we decided it was time to revisit this article.