Be Cool, Church

The opportunity of this moment is to do some deep reflection about how we will have this conversation as one Church together – together as speakers of many languages, together as people of different generations, together as citizens of different nations.

Your Daily Briefing, Monday, July 9

Welcome to Monday. Get your daily briefing here.

Observations from the Young Adult Festival on the Prayer Book Discussion

You can’t avoid Prayer Book revision discussions here at #GC79. Listen in on some of the questions being posed by participants in the Young Adult Festival.

Praying at T. Don Hutto Detention Center

Today, hundreds gather at T. Don Hutto Detention Center to stand with and pray for the women detained inside, some of whom have been separated from their children.  Pray with us.

Letting our ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’: Support for Church Planting

Today, A005 will come through the House of Deputies on the Consent Calendar. Will we truly say ‘yes’ to the work it calls us to do?


The Holy Spirit prays in us. We are not the experts in prayer.