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Traditional and New

Around the Episcopal Church, the wider Anglican Communion and the Church at large, new expressions of this ancient way of living in Christian community have surfaced. How can we, as the Episcopal Church, support and uplift those who “live at the heart of the church” while encouraging new vocations, not just to ordained ministry, but to Religious Life as well?

Shared Witness in a Divided World

The gift of our shared faith and of the Church is that we are called beyond all other loyalties to work together for the Kingdom of God. We agree that today’s political issues matter as we strive for justice and peace, but we pray that we might cling to our ideologies and our power less tightly than we cling to each other.

Marketing is not Evangelism: Part I

When I ask people about evangelism, I tend to hear the following: Evangelism is inviting people to church. Evangelism is done through marketing … it might also be done by starting a Facebook page. These answers betray a confusion between the Message and the messenger.