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The Nominees Who Were Not

The Presiding Bishop slate describes the present (and future) of leadership in the Episcopal Church.

Age 57: The Coming Legacy

What a future the average parishioners can give the church by showing how they empower, peace make, renovate, and act as change agents for the Gospel.

Eliminating Provinces?

We consider the roles that provinces play and explore if there is a way to improve these networks for greater collaboration in mission and ministry.

Turning this Wagon Train Around: General Convention 78

History tells us that as the Mormon settlers were making Salt Lake City their home, Brigham Young insisted that the streets be wide enough for a wagon team to turn around “without resorting to profanity.” […]

Episcopal Herald Podcast – Edition 1

We break down the Presiding Bishop election and the conversation regarding the structure of the church in our first edition of the podcast.