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Your Daily Briefing, Tuesday, July 9

You’re tired. We know. You’ve got this. Get your daily briefing here.

Observations from the Young Adult Festival on the Prayer Book Discussion

You can’t avoid Prayer Book revision discussions here at #GC79. Listen in on some of the questions being posed by participants in the Young Adult Festival.

Representation Issues: Who is on our Standing Commissions?

Let’s talk about representation on our two standing commissions.

Divestment and Peacemaking

Whether the issue is the real threat of climate change to the viability of our planet or the real plight of the Palestinian people and their right to a homeland, divestment is an all-too-easy answer.

Fear and Trembling: Testimony on Marriage

Episcopalians packed the hearing room for testimony on A085 and B012 on marriage.

Your Cheat Sheet for Proposed Interim Bodies

Here’s your quick-glance guide to proposed interim bodies here at General Convention. Interim bodies are the groups that do the heavy-lifting between conventions.

Toward Eliminating Bias in Hiring

Biased hiring processes are not simply a justice issue for the individuals against whom bias is leveled. They are detrimental to the mission of the Church, and they rob the Body of the gifts poured upon God’s people by the Holy Spirit. But how do we deal with that bias?