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The Herald Podcast with Canon Stephanie Spellers and The Rev. Becky Zartman

Listen in as The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers, Canon for Evangelism, Reconciliation and Creation Care to the Presiding Bishop and The Rev. Becky Zartman, Episcopal Missioner to Georgetown University, share about the Way of Love and its roots.

The Herald Podcast with The Rev. Robin Denney

Listen in as The Rev. Shannon Preston talks to The Rev. Robin Denney about how her experiences in the worldwide Anglican Communion formed her identity and her understanding of the mission of the Church.

The Other 1%

How do we prioritize our financial commitments as a legislative body? PB&F does much of this hard work for us, but are we capable as a body of saying ‘no’ so that our ‘yes’ can be more effective?

The Herald Podcast with The Ven. Dr. Walter Baer

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe?  Listen in on The Rev. Shannon Preston’s conversation with The Venerable Dr. Walter Baer, Archdeacon of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe.

The EH Podcast with Altagracia Perez-Bullard

Listen in on Maria Bautista Vargas’ interview with The Rev. Altagracia Perez-Bullard, Canon for Congregational Vitality in the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

Marketing is Not Evangelism: Part II

Today, we continue our series on the tools of evangelism as a people who have a story and who are formed around a table.

Shared Witness in a Divided World

The gift of our shared faith and of the Church is that we are called beyond all other loyalties to work together for the Kingdom of God. We agree that today’s political issues matter as we strive for justice and peace, but we pray that we might cling to our ideologies and our power less tightly than we cling to each other.